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TeleMainia Job Career

Telemainia Careers

Telemainia Rocks; that's what I have to say. My last 12 months with the company have been my best working experience ever. The money started off a little slow at first until I got the hang of it and now I'm making money in my sleep.

Wait, I'll tell you more about that; cause' it's totally awesome.

When I joined I didn't even know who my manager was. I was introduced to Trish as my "go to person" via email. I thought okay, whatever. Then she hosted a conference, I was impressed, for as a manager focused-person dealing with employees or affiliates that is exactly what I would do. She was calm yet excited, for us, and cared while taking in a lot of concerns that a bunch of affiliates had. She showed honest through getting answers, integrity for following through with her word and caring for the time she spent on helping "Us" see that we are better.

She is now a friend for she trusted in me and that's very important to me. She is my partner (in a sense) in how we work in collaborations to improve the mood and spirit of a company. She is my sister for we think much alike, same taste, sometimes same thoughts except my breast look way better. I could not want to work under and now grow beside an awesome partner in crime.

I love this company?. Right after the 2015 Dodge Challenger.

Oh, back to sleeping and making money. I record Adult Stories about my real-life experiences and also about fantasies I have. These are adult stories and for discerning adults over 18. Most of my stories are kinda tame; however I have fun telling them and male Members of Telemainia enjoy listening to them.

I get paid every time anyone listens to my stories. I love to log into my Admin every day and see what I've earned.

Another great part of this job is that it's not really a job per-se. I work as an independent contractor/affiliate. I set my own hours and work when I want. Sometimes that's in the afternoon as I'm lazing around my pool and sometimes at 1AM when I'm lying in bed bored and can't sleep for 4 hours.

Hey gotta run now. If you want to check it out click the image above. You don't need any experience. The main asset for working with Telemainia is that you enjoy chatting with interesting men about life.

Chloe Z.

Telemainia Career

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