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Web Marketing Whos Fighting Over the Facebook Bot

It's just a little over 3 years old, but only recently has it seen its status and fame grow and grow. The emblem of Web2.0 / Web 3.0 and the semantic web movement, Facebook is the internet social networking site that's suddenly sizzling with activity - and naturally, the powers-that-be are beating down the door to get their share of the marketing dollars to be had. You may have seen the headlines; pitting Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google against each other in a battle to "own" a piece of the internet's hottest site.

When the dust settled, Microsoft laid claim to the prize, paying an almost unbelievable two hundred and forty million dollars for a 1.6 percent stake in Facebook. Using "Microsoft math," this means Facebook is now worth approximately fifteen billion dollars. Why the big payday for Facebook? Microsoft is afraid of losing control of the next generation of computer users, who make up a big part of Facebook's user base. With Google's aggressive internet marketing presence becoming a fact of life, Microsoft has no choice but to throw cash at Facebook so it won't be left behind. Kevin Johnson, president of the platforms and services division at Microsoft, called the epic deal a "major advertising syndication win for Microsoft.

" It's also clear that this is an incredible validation of Facebook's sudden skyrocketing into the internet consciousness. The company intends to grow its presence across the world and employ twice as many workers in the upcoming months ahead. Aware of its marketing power, it's also rumored to be coming forward with a new platform for onsite advertising. Owen Van Natta, Facebook's head revenue officer, commented that the company was "very fortunate to have a lot of folks interested" in a marketing partnership.

Why is all the massive marketing buzz suddenly swirling around Facebook? Well, when your numbers show a 50 million active member base, with a growth rate of 200,000 new users a day, that tends to get internet marketers' attention. There's also a prestige factor as Facebook is looked at as a poster boy for Web 3.0 technology - a standalone online operating system that has nothing to do with Windows or Apple.

Beyond that, there are the five thousand plus free Facebook applications that make interacting on the site so much fun - at no cost. You can have your own car, post photos, videos and songs you love, send other Friends hugs and tons of other activities contained in all the Facebook tools at your disposal. It's quite clear that if Google and Microsoft see big revenue streams potentially flowing from Facebook, that opportunities abound for all marketers, big or little. But how can David effectively compete with Goliath in this case? There is a way and it doesn't involve a rock and a slingshot. What it does involve is new, ground-breaking Facebook marketing software that can deliver anyone's marketing message to the sea of users just waiting for something new to happen.

The Stealth Friend Bomber, Facebook Edition is one such software package that works automatically as a Facebook Bot to send Mass Friend requests, Mass Friend Messages and Mass Friend pokes. It's a Facebook Friend Adder that takes the work off your shoulders and lets you get on with your business. It's clear that Facebook is the battleground for both the next level of technology and the next level of marketing on the internet. The marketer with the best set of software tricks has the best shot at reaching the denizens of this highly-desirable and thriving online community.

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