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Using MySpace to Generate FREE Leads

The term web 2.0 is a little misunderstood. Web 2.0 is not a new version of the World Wide Web. It is really an upgraded way to connect with people. The most common way to do this is through social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube or Xanga.

A majority of web 2.0 sites are free to use and to start using them you will need to simply go through their registration process providing some basic information including your name and e-mail address. Once registered, you are able to control the content of the page you are supplied with. To implement a funded proposal marketing system a web 2.0 marketer must prepare by doing a few simple things.

The first task is to design a squeeze page or lead capture site that will capture your visitors attention and be compelling enough that they will want to opt-in for more information on your product or service. Be sure to write the content like a squeeze page and drive them to your opt in form. By accomplishing this you have successfully generated a laser targeted opt-in list of contacts at a minimal expense and often times free of charge. Another way to use web 2.

0 is to search the database for people with similar interests as you. For instance, if you are marketing an ebook on party planning, you can look for people with upcoming birthdays, graduations or anniversaries. These folks will be receptive to information on planning a successful party. Again, you get a lead that is targeted to your product/service and it is free of charge. The chance of a conversion or sale is greatly increased. The powerful aspect of web 2.

0 sites is that they put you in contact with thousands or even millions of people. The networking possibilities are virtually endless. What you need to do is get them to add you as a friend or associate. These social sites allow you to send what is called a bulletin. A bulletin is a message that only reaches your list of friends or associates. This can be used to attract contacts with special offers.

The use of a Limited Time Offer can also make for a very powerful call to action. Whichever way you use web 2.0 sites, you are using a funded proposal system so you stand to make some revenue as you continue to build your business this should offset your advertising expenses.

Then you offer your higher end product/service. Since the contact already knows you and trusts you as a vendor, you have a good chance of making that secondary sale as well as others in the future. Using web 2.0 and interactive sites properly will grow your list of contacts.

The leads you generate are targeted, interested and ready to buy from you. Add the fact that the customer knows where to find you at any given moment and you have the formula for a powerful relationship with your prospects. This will give your contacts the sense that you are a real person and can be reached.

The ability to contact you is extremely important to your prospects. It builds trust, reliability and credibility to your business. Get yourself moving on web 2.

0 and watch your contact list explode and your sales will follow suit.

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