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Two Quick And EasyToImplement Tactics To Monetarise The Traffic ALREADY On Your Web Site

The Internet is full of "How To Get MORE Traffic To Your Web Site" Schemes, Strategies And Techniques. And yes, while getting more pre-qualified traffic to your web site is always a positive thing, a better approach is to utilize/ maximize the traffic that is ALREADY there, on it (your web site that is). Here's a better question.

"What are you doing with the web site traffic that's already ON your web site?" Or, a simple premise. "If a person is already ON your web site they're searching for something, right?" They just didn't turn up on it because there was nothing worthwhile to watch on TV. or they thought they'd just go surfing while waiting for the roast (dinner) to cook. They WANT something from you (and your web site). Here's what happens (in the brain) when a person lands on your web site.

The brain says to itself "What is it?". and then it says (again to itself, unless you're in the habit of talking out loud to your own brain). "What's in it for me?" Now, if the brain (aka that thing between your ears) doesn't get a good, CLEAR answer to its own question/s, then it gets very confused very quickly and then it says (again to itself) "I'm confused, I'm going elsewhere", or. "I think I'll go check out the roast dinner now". Bingo, They're gone (probably never to return again).

Now, here's another way! Master Internet marketers talk a lot about "sales funnels". What they mean by this is the directing of people from an OFF-site source (usually another web site, text link ad etc) down a pre-determined path towards their own pre-determined (and desired) outcome (usually the signup to a list). So, what if you were to take this (sales funnel) concept and apply it to your ON-site traffic and systems? What would happen then? Well, I did just that. I tested my own theory, and noticed an immediate and dramatic spike in traffic to my own pre-determined (and desired) ON-site outcomes/ actions (from people who were already ON my web site). I used techniques to redirect people (who were already on my web site) to my desired outcome (and I tracked these systems to see what happened). The sign ups soared! Here's what I did.

1. Used a new generation popup system on the landing page. Now, when new visitors landed on my site a high percentage of them clicked on the "PS" type (popup) note and were taken through to the offer ON my site. This page (of course) has a navigation bar.

People can still access the other content that's ON my web site. 2. Set up a footer - text-based banner - on every second tier page. The copy in this footer banner was unobtrusive. It repeated the message on the "PS" popup on the landing page.

I used text (to 'say' the benefit). My conclusions, >>> "In addition to working on increasing traffic to my web site from OFF-site sources, implement better ON-site traffic-direction techniques for the traffic that's already on it", and >>> "Point first time visitors towards my own (desired) ON-site outcomes, right up front. and then KEEP them on my site with a consistent - benefit laden - navigation bar".

Kenneth Doyle is the author of the mini-course, * Mining The Diamonds In Your Own Backyard * '5 Simple, Easy-To-Implement Tactics To Monetarise The Traffic Which Is Already On Your Web Site.' Get It Here... *Mining The Diamonds In Your Own Backyard*

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