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The Secret to Generating Hordes of Free Website Traffic on Demand

You're about to discover the fastest and most effective way to drive thousands upon thousands of hyper-targeted visitors to your site - even if you don't have a single dime to spend on advertising. And believe it or not, this strategy will never fail. Now, that's a bold claim, and I'm sure it's setting off some "BS alarms" in your head right now - but stay with me, and I'll show you exactly how simple this really is, and why it makes so much sense. As I'm sure you've already realized from your own research and experience - the only way to build a substantial amount of traffic to your site is by getting other sites to link to you, tell their email subscribers about what you have to offer, and otherwise publish your content on their site in some way. This might be in the form of an affiliate program, it might be a link-trade, or it might be some other type of arrangement - but one thing's for certain - it will be partnership (or Joint Venture) of some kind.

This is the only way to drive hordes of traffic without paying through your nose for it! But let's take it a step further. The Pareto Principle states that 20% of your actions will produce 80% of your results. This "formula" can also be applied to your marketing partners, because only a handful of your affiliates, JV partners and sites that you trade links with will actually provide you with any substantial results. In fact, the time you spend setting up deals with the "lesser" partners is almost always a complete waste of time.

And the fact of the matter is that it takes the same amount of effort to form an alliance with a "player" in your industry as it does to partner with a small site or resource that really can't help you when it comes to producing real results. What it comes down to is that if you want to generate a tsunami of traffic in record time - you're going to have to go for the gold right from the start. This means that you need to form partnerships with the "players" in your industry right from day one.

And this is how you do it: 1. Use a "primer email" when you contact potential joint venture partners. Instead of simply nailing them with a pitch/proposal right off the bat (without any formal introduction), introduce yourself, address the them personally by name, and ask if they'd be interested in discussing an idea that would benefit them directly. Get their attention, pique their interest and initiate a conversation. Don't just jam a proposal in their face. Chances are, they probably receive multiple partnership proposals daily.

2. When you approach prospects that have large mailing lists and lots of traffic, always emphasize the exclusivity of your offer. Make them a unique offer that only they'll get. Do whatever it takes to make it totally irresistible - even if that means giving up most (or all) of your profits, or offering other incredibly lopsided incentives. You have to remember that you're getting free traffic from this - along with the opportunity to build a client base that you can leverage again and again by selling them additional products, and having them evangelize your business for you as time goes on.

Think long-term, and view joint ventures as a way to build a business for free - not so much as a "quick cash" strategy (even though that's often a part of it). 3. Get their complete attention by sending a "hard copy" of your proposal.

Not just another email cramming up their inbox (which is all to easy to delete.) Instead, try using Fed/Ex (or even a fax message) instead of simply firing off an email. You'll be surprised with your results. Also, once you've received some kind of response, take it to the next level as soon as possible by arranging a time to speak on the phone. When your partner hears your voice audibly, it will be much easier for them to get a feel for who you are - which will make them feel more comfortable in dealing with you.

Rapport goes a long way. 4. Set up the deal and make it happen. Make things as easy as possible for your partner. Have mailings, articles, banners, links and other promo tools built and ready-to-go in advance. The less your partner has to do, the better.

Additionally, make sure that you set a date for the promotion to begin. If possible, solidify a start-date as soon as you can. Most deals end up evaporating because there is no deadline or schedule in place.

5. Before your JV partners start promoting you - and before their traffic hits your site like hurricane and your sales start flying off the charts - make sure you have a plan in place to maximize their traffic as much as possible. There are hundreds of ways to do this, but this is what you need to consider doing for the most part: a) Have a system in place to capture leads that aren't ready to buy your offer yet - but that want more information.

(This is typically done by offering a free mini-course, a free demo, or something similar in exchange for a newsletter subscription) b) Consider using an "exit-popup" to try and salvage visitors that are leaving your site. (Make sure this doesn't conflict with your ordering process) c) Find (or develop) numerous products and services to promote after people buy your product, or subscribe to your newsletter. Remember that this is the whole point of setting the deal in the first place - you're trading upfront profits in exchange for long-term revenues from an active customer base. d) Have a backup payment processor, web host and other "pick and shovel" necessities in the event that the sudden spike in traffic and sales causes problems with your host or your merchant account.

(This happens frequently in larger-scale product launches where several "super affiliates" promote a single offer. You need to be prepared.) 6.

When the deal is done and over with, make sure to stay in contact with your partner regularly. One partnership can lead to several, and by building a relationship with the key players in your niche, you'll literally be holding the "keys" to all the traffic in your market. And then you'll be able to generate massive traffic on demand - whenever you want - just by leveraging your current relationships. This is how you can go from being a "nobody" to being an internet all-star in a matter of days. It takes planning, motivation and the will to actually follow-through, but it is well worth doing. Big time.

In fact, you're only one successful partnership away from transforming your online business from being a "bill payer" into a cash-spewing powerhouse that will support a ridiculous lifestlye. All you have to do now is find the super affiliates in your niche and use the 6-step formula you just read to generate as much traffic as you can handle.

Chris Rempel just released a video that reveals how he tracks down super-affiliates in any niche at the click of a button. Watch the Ultimate Traffic Tool in Action >>

Also visit Joint Ventures Revealed (Chris's home page), and the Instant Joint Venture Success System (Chris's course on JV Marketing).

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