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Network Marketing Training Provide Your Downline with a Level PlayingField

A big problem often experienced in network marketing is unproductive, unfinished and sometimes even a total lack of training for members of a downline. It is simply not enough to educate your recruits about the program and how the commission structure works. They need to be trained in how to execute a real marketing system. If it is not immediately apparent to you how everyone benefits from doing this then take a look at some of the frequent complaints listed below which are heard by upline members from their downline. "I don't understand how or where to find leads.

" "I can't get anyone to join under me" "I'm dedicating so much time to this but not earning enough money". Every one of these complaints shows that adequate training in the marketing system is not being received. It is no good blaming your downline. It is not that they are lacking in motivation - they want to succeed equally as much as you do.

However, if you cut yourself free from them and they have no clear route to success, their motivation will go out of the window. There is no point in working a program that you cannot get to work! The system you use to get results may well have just come naturally to you but you need to teach your downline and show them how you achieve your success. Take a minute to sit down and think about how you got where you are today and you will realize you do actually use a marketing system - you would not be in this place otherwise. As the steps you follow come flooding back to you, write them down.

Ask yourself how you generate leads and what you do to follow those leads up. What strategy do you use to convert those leads at the rate you do? At this point, teach this step by step guide to your downline. Make them aware of how to follow your model in order to copy your results. This procedure does not have to take up loads of your time. You can have a training email sent to your downline by automation.

The training material will only have to be written once and in the future you can deliver the information via an email autoresponder. Such a simple effort can make a massive difference. Do not evade your responsibilities if you want to better your results right across the board. Show your downline how to set up a real marketing system by giving them the best training and success will be on the cards for everyone.

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