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Ordinary People Making Extraordinary Income
by Kaci C. Resau

Tired of all that B.S. that comes along with a full time J.O.B.? Well, its time to say those precious five words, "Honey, I fired the boss."
On the Internet today, you can find thousands of work at home programs, Half of which NEVER work, leaving you confused, and your wallet drained.

If you're tired of all the nonsense out there and are looking for a simple Work from home plan, which with the right hard work and dedication can put Thousands of dollars in your bank account. Then you're at the right place.

It’s actually simpler than you might believe. To succeed in the Internet business today, all you really need is the right mentor, And the right recourses, oh yes...and a plan.

When I first started out, I went from program to program With no real direction and no clue what or who to believe. So I poured my HARD EARNED money into these campaigns That led me nowhere. Finally, by some sort of miracle I ran across an article by Stone Evans. My world then changed. I learned everything I needed to know, Received all the tools necessary to succeed and he even built me my own Money making Website for FREE. All I had to do was pay the $ 24 fee to have my site Hosted on the internet.


From that point on I put all of his ideas into action and within 30 days, I was finally pulling In a much needed profit. The process was so easy, I could not believed I had been fooled so many times before. The best part Of this whole process was that Stone only made money when I made money. Which meant that he was there to help me every step of the way, Because lets face it, you know you want to make money.

Taking all of the advice from Stone, and my new website I have created A sure fire way to earn money on the internet, and it only works for me when it works for you.

The first thing you need to do is set yourself up with the top money making affiliate programs available today. Here is a list of the ones I have found the most profitable: (ill talk a little about each below) SFI Marketing Madison Dynamics Plug in Profit Warrior Pro Internet Marketing Center The Six Figure Income

SFI is a truly amazing program. You make money by referring others. Then you make money off of the people that you already referred because they refer others. Its an endless stream of income. Of course I was skeptical at first because the word FREE is used a lot in their program. But this time its true, everything stated as FREE is FREE. You also get to test drive the program for free with no obligation. Here see for yourself: FREE "Secrets of Internet Millionaires." Thousands are cashing in on the Internet. So can YOU! Our free package shows you how and includes: FREE book, FREE audio cassette, FREE CD-ROM, 6 FREE Special Reports, and much MORE. Total value is over $585. No obligation” Madison Dynamics is a high paying affiliate program. You can make tons of money just in the same way you do as an affiliate at SFI, except more. With Madison Dynamics you have to work a little bit harder but in the end its all worth it. The commission payoff is substantial. You can also jump onto live conference calls and check out the program that

After I got involved in the above to programs I emailed my sponsor, who was Stone Evans and I asked him what I should do next. Well he replied within a day and told me all I needed now was a website, a money making website. He told me he’d put one together for me in 24 hours for free. And at first I was thinking, “yeah right buddy, you’re going to rip me off.” Boy, was I wrong. He did it, and he did it well. Here’s a little excerpt from Stone himself and a link to the webpage builder.

“Follow The 3 Easy Steps Listed Below And I Will Personally Build A Money Making Website Just For You That's 100% Ready To Take Orders And Pull In Massive Residual Profits — Join Now And You Can Start Raking In Cash Within 24 Hours... Guaranteed!"

Warrior Pro is a great site with everything you need to know to promote your business. They pay generous affiliate compensation. Definitely a must have for any MLMer. Just check them out for yourself.

The next site is Corey Rudl’s site. If you haven’t heard of Corey, he’s a 23 year old self made millionaire. This kid knows the ropes. Definitely check this out. and finally the six figure income. The program that compensates you GENEROUSLY. They promote viral marketing (word of mouth) more than any other type of advertisement. And it WORKS. Plus, they give you 30 days. If you don’t make a profit they will pay the $30 you invested. This Really works. Amazing.

These are all high paying affiliate sites, I strongly urge you get MIQ status through SFI as soon as possible, as that’s the only way you can really make money and promote their site. To gain MIQ status simply take the Beginning Smart tutorial and get 5 points, then become a member of the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs and you will be set for life at MIQ status.

As for Madison Dynamics I recommend you upgrade slowly, start off with the lowest iassociate, and work your way up from there. Because I stated before Madison takes a little more work, but the pay off is worth it. You want to make sure you are making more money than you are putting into the business.

The only program I recommend upgrading is the Six Figure Income. With this program you make back the 30 dollars you put in, or they refund you 100 percent. It’s a win, win situation. So definitely upgrade.

The rest of the programs you can keep for free. The only other fee you will pay is the $24 dollar a month hosting fee for plug in profit. Which is unbeatable. You cant host anywhere else on the web for such a reasonable price.

Get started and check out my next article on getting traffic to your site. Promotion is the greatest key. Get to work. If you treat your home business like a full time job it will produce a full time income. : )

About the Author
Growing up at the civl war crossroads didnt leave much room for opportunity. The community consists of the working middle class, Opportunites range around minimum wage retail and construction jobs, none of which could support my 36,000 dollar a year tution bill from attending a ritzy new york city private college So i started getting into the MLM business.