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Google Base The Best Base for your Online Business

Google has always been a hen that lays golden eggs for webmasters. Despite strict indexing policies and advanced technological support, webmasters love Google. The sole reason is its wide and fast mushrooming user base. The reason behind Google's dominance in the search engine industry is its quick technological Updation, innovative ways of exploring internet users and supporting online businessmen by providing them free exposure to its high standard technologies. The Google Base (http://base.

google.com/) is one of such innovative technological gift to its users in recent times. Let's explore something more about the Google Base. Before Google Base, Froogle (http://www.google.com/products) was the only source for online retailers to display their product information along with Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

The only difference between Google Base and Froogle is that Froogle automatically collects data from Google Index for a particular product search and display them in proportionally. The user can sort the results by Relevance, Sort by Price: Low to High, Sort by Price: High to Low, Sort by Product Ratings and Sort by Seller Rating. But Google Base appeared with lots of flexibilities for online retailers as they can directly add their store inventory and marketplace inventory; can be live with minutes and purchases can start from the very moment.

As mentioned Google Base's blog, "If you post both online and local inventory information, you let shoppers decide whether they want to buy via your website or by picking up the item from your store. This is especially useful for products that people like to try and see before they buy (clothing, electronics) as well as for items that are heavy or hard to ship (furniture, cars)." A user of Google Base can upload the whole inventory as he/she has in his/her e-commerce website or at Marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and so on. Online retailers who use Google Base can have access to some of the vital statistics like Search Impressions, Clicks and Page Views. So now the Google Base Users can keep track of its business with these vital data and can brought modification to boost his/her selling.

These Statistics is updated once in a day. So you can log in to your Google Base account and can check which product has received maximum impressions or click or page views. Google is trying to improve Base's efficiency by adding features time to time. The recent update is "Attribute Requirements for Submitting Products". Google Base has classified all product attributes into three major categories as Required, Recommended and Optional.

Google Base blog (http://googlebase.blogspot.com/) informs, "We've recently updated the list of attributes in each category to make it easier for providers to submit their product information and prioritize the attributes relevant to their products.

" More attributes mean users can add more information per product. In the Required Categories, the attributes are Description, ID, Link, Price and Title. The attributes in the Recommended category are Brand, Condition, Image_Link, ISBN, MPN and UPC." The rest of the attributes are counted in Optional category.

The best news for online retailers is that Google Base has launched its API service earlier this year. Now an online retailer can use Google Base API to develop applications that can act together with Google Base System. Google Base API facilitates e-commerce website owners to integrate their own e-commerce application with Google Base. So if you are a serious e-retailer, then you can try out Google Base with wasting no more time.

The Author is a popular eMarketing specialist. He loves to write resourceful articles on various eCommerce topics to help readers booming their business online. eCommerce Web Site Solution Google Base Marketing

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