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In today's economy all the countries are doing exchanges of goods with each others. This exchanges of good and things are called import and export. Import means to buy some goods from other country and bring that good in our country. To send goods in the other country from our country is called export. So import and export is the transfer of goods from one country to another country. As import and export is an inter country transactions it is really important and tough to generate leads and get business.

The major source of generating the business is references. But it is always not possible to have good references in all countries. If you are able to maintain good long term relationship with your customers then also it is always not useful for the expansion of your business. Now the question is then how to generate lead and get business? There are so many ways to get good business. Directories are one of the way through which you will get good lead. So many online directories are available and you can register your product on that directory. How these directories are useful and how you will get advantage of it that we will discuss below.

If you are doing business in India then you will find so many good business directories. All these directories are made especially for small businesses. These directories will contain all the sections and categories you required and you can list you product under that category. Sometimes it is happened like some categories are not therein the directory. Then it will be a question where to list and put your product? As a solution of these issues, now these directories have started giving the option of adding new category also. So you can create a new category for your product which is suitable for your product and you can list your product under that newly created category.

The main usage of these directories is they are specifically made for small business. All these directories are industry specific. So many people are searching products to import on these directories. If the person will find good description of the required product then he or she will contact you on the given contact details. There are some directories which will allow you to upload the brochure also. So the person can see the brochure of the product online. All these will be very help for the suppliers.

Some directories are industry specific as well as country specific. So many online directories are available on which you can find only Indian Exporters and Indian suppliers. So if someone wants to import some goods from India then he or she will find the proper products from this Indian Business Directory.

So if you are into the business of import and export then use these online Small business directories to list your products and you will get real good leads from these directories. You can take Easy2source as an example and find the other similar directories and you can list your product.

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