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EDCGold Review Beginning of the End of this Dinosaur

The one thing you can depend on in life is change. It was true for the Dinosaurs and it just might be true for EDCGold. The same could be said for many of the 1-up and 2-up programs on the Internet today.

Some of these programs include; Easy Daily Cash, Passport To Wealth, Road map To Riches, Predator Marketing System, Prosperity International, Emerald Passport, Advantage Conferences, Coastal Vacations & Liberty League to name just a few. ECDGold is also known as Predator Marketing System. Predator/Dinosaur, pun intended or not, I hope to shed some light in this EDCGold Review, concerning the pitfalls of making the wrong decision when choosing a home based business venture.

EDCGold is a direct sales company, very much like an online marketing training program, they specializes in digital products, and their latest claim to fame, is the Promo Black Box. EDCGold prides itself with being good at distributing proprietary Internet marketing software for all of their members. You might already be aware that there are 3 levels in their membership program and that you can join at any of the three levels. 1.

Easy Daily Cash Gold priced at $997 2. Easy Daily Cash "Normal" priced at $297 3. Your New Fortune priced at $69.95 Make sure you know what you are getting into should you decide to pay the $997 to join because remember EDCGold is a 2-up program, which means that you must give your first two sales to your sponsor, there is "NO Marketing Movie", just a page full of testimonials which anybody can produce and NO Core System. Also, before investigating further I thought that EDCGold's longevity was pretty much secure, however, when this information surfaced, I felt their longevity might be short lived.

You should be aware of two, of the most common issues that members, or should I say, X-members have with EDCGold, and are undeniably, issues of credibility. Let it be known that this is not just a couple of people's hearsay voices, but many voices that are all in agreement. Issue #1.

Owners Will "Not Promote EDCGold Anymore" As recently as July 2007, there was a lot of talk on the Internet gossip line, when it was announced that EDCGold owners Craig and Mike decided to stop promoting their own business. You can imagine how a brand new member might feel, perhaps a bit left out in the cold, when hearing this news. When looking at the competition created by the owners, Craig and Mike, one would imagine that this would make it incredibly hard to sponsor anyone. Issue #2. Name Calling and Bashing other Companies Some Top earners that recently left EDCGold to join in other programs, claimed that Craig and Mike "made fool's of them" in their emails for joining other programs. Craig and Mike also were caught bashing other competing programs, calling them scams.

Unethical things happen in business, however, it is just sad to have to repeat this when it is the owners of EDCGold. In conclusion, I feel business is business but integrity is a highly valued personality trait, by most of us. Even though they are good at a number of things, this lack of integrity, and the fact that the many of the leaders and top earners of the company, have got up and left, I believe, marks the end of this EDCGold/Predator Dinosaur.

Go to EDCGold alternative for an impressive automated, $900 per day system. Holli Diel has proven leadership qualities and a Sales and Marketing background that spans over 20 years. Holli is A Million Dollar Club Member, both in the U.S. and Canada and devotes her time, energy, and efforts to her team's online financial success.

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