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Being A Wealthy Affiliate Needs An Instant Wealth Generator

Why would anyone not wish to be a wealthy Affiliate, or even better own an instant wealth generator; well I can tell you I know an awful lot of people who are striving to accomplish that one thing. The problem is that it is not easy, I make my living by affiliate marketing and speaking from experience I can tell you that you have to love your job and be prepared to work hard, especially in the early days as you are striving to find your feet. It's amazing how many people out there in la la land offer you free advice, which inevitably you end up paying for, only to find that it doesn't work anyway.

Anyway that's the negatives out of the way, I do love my job and it pays extremely well, I have a couple blogs which I can earn affiliate revenue from well placed adds and writing well structured reviews. I also have a few niche stores, which is a great way of earning a healthy commission; by building niche stores, and using a feed from eBay or Amazon, I find that if you are prepared to put in the work, once you have a store set up it tends to run on auto pilot, and if you are able to find a narrow enough niche with high ticket items, it is probably as close as you will get to an instant wealth generator. I also make money from adword campaigns; there are hundreds of good niche products that will pay between 10% and 75%, however to be honest there are so many to pick from I wouldn't spend money on any words that pay less than 40%. If you are considering making extra income from affiliate marketing or even making it your new day job there are plenty of good membership sites on the web which will hold your hand whilst you build your empire. You have to be careful which you choose so it pays to do your homework before investing your cash; check if there is a free trial where you can see what sort of content they have as a lot of these websites tend to focus on one part of internet marketing. There is an excellent membership site which focuses on Authority Site building, which is primarily set up to show you how you can build your own authority blog on a chosen subject, with the idea being that once it is drawing traffic you can then monetize it.

At the other end of the scale is Pay Per Click marketing and is in my mind for the more confident marketer, however there is a few really good membership sites which actively promote ways to help you become a wealthy affiliate marketer. Which ever way you look at it, to get to the point when you can relax and work less and have that elusive instant wealth generator can only be achieved by putting in the work needed to allow this lifestyle to grow. Copyright (c) 2008 Arnold Hexden.

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